Still Wine  

Still Wines

Modern expression of the most classic wines of the Veneto tradition.

Colderove's still wines, with their new captivating labels, are a modern expression of the most classic wines of the Veneto tradition skilfully vinified: the whites Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay, the reds Merlot and Cabernet Franc.

Another typical indigenous Veneto grape, Raboso, is exalted in two excellent versions - Rosso 917, rich in history - that satisfy the most demanding palates, resulting in superior quality reds.

In the still wine category also "I Vini di Casa Mia", promoted by Attilio Mionetto on the basis of historic table wines, offer two blends - white and red - of moderate alcohol content, balanced on the palate and nose to be easily paired with food and appreciated by all. The name indicates precisely their vocation for everyday consumption.

The range of still wines has been enriched by the "Attilio Mionetto Collections": high quality wines whose characteristics best express the typicality of their territories of origin such as Valpolicella and Venezia Giulia.

The showcase of still wines is completed with other regional nectars that stand out for their ability to evoke the land of origin with their scents that enchant the senses.

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