Colderove for Social Welfare

Heartfelt thanks to your generous hearts!

Especially on behalf of the communities of Areka and Goro.

There are truly many people to thank: active collaborators, technicians, engineers, workers, supporters...

We know them all, but the list of these great individuals is too long, and we are well aware that each of them has left a tangible and indelible mark of their commitment and boundless generosity.

Special thanks are due to Colderove customers who, through the communication and fundraising means created by the company, have financially contributed, alongside the company itself, to the realization of the projects, providing a decisive, moral, and material push.

However, words are never enough to express the sense of gratitude that moves our hearts, so we also make room for images. Well built in 2008 in the village of Goro (100 km south of Addis Ababa)."


Community Mill in Areka Agricultural Community Inaugurated on May 1, 2011


The C.A.E. - Aid Center for Ethiopia ONLUS promotes initiatives aimed at education, social assistance, and healthcare for orphans, the elderly, the sick, and single mothers in Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Sudan. In 28 years of activity, thanks to the contribution of numerous friends, reception centers for minors and HIV-positive individuals, schools, clinics, and wells have been established. Over 35,000 Distance Adoptions have been made, ensuring that the 'adopted' children receive assistance, support, education, and medical care, while continuing to live within their own family nucleus.

If you wish to donate more or SUPPORT THIS ASSOCIATION:

C.A.E.- Centro Aiuti per l’Etiopia ONLUS
Via 42 Martiri, 189 28924 Verbania Fondotoce (Verbania)
Tel. +39 0323 497320 - Fax +39 0323-583062
Thank you again for your generous support!